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W hich fertilizer to use or to even use them at all is a large topic. It is true, that you don’t usually need to give your plants fertilizer to keep them alive. It is also true that you can eat merely pizza and cereal for several years and still be alive, but you will not be thriving. The point is that you can be alive, and be far from thriving. Many people have no idea that with a little bit of fertilizer, their entire yard could be twice as vibrant. The roots will go deeper and become more drought resistant. The stems and leaves will grow thicker, making them more pest-resistant. There will be much more flowers per plant, and they will be larger with more color. The plant’s immune system will be stronger making them more resistant to diseases and rot. Overall, every plant in your garden will be more beautiful with the right fertilizer.

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Petrochemical fertilizers are fertilizers that are created from petroleum. This is the cheapest way to fertilize your plants, however, there are many costly repercussions. This type of product often kills micro-organisms, which takes away much of the plant’s ability to harvest its own nutrients naturally found in the soil. This makes the plants much more dependent on the fertilizer. It also has a large environmentally negative impact, which is why I will not purchase, or apply them. I will not spend much time on this, however, there are lots of great articles and documentaries on the dangers and harmful effects of using petrochemical.

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We only use fertilizers that supply the soil with micro organisms, and have natural, time release ingredients. There are many different types of fertilizers, each one designed for a specific type of use. I don’t have all of the words for this section yet, but I will get there.

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Micro-Organisms are by far the most important factor for your plants getting the nutrients it needs. They form symbiotic relationships with the plants, roots, and provide the plant with nutrients that it normally would not be able to process. Generally, you want a wide range of micro organisms in your soil.