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Fruit Tree Maintenance by Kingdom Yard Services

Fruit Tree Maintenance Services

F ruit Trees are one of our passions. They provide beautiful flowers in the spring, delicious fruit in the fall, and give the property a feel of home. When maintained properly, fruit trees can produce quality fruit for over 100 years. The wonderful thing about fruit trees is that once you have them healthy, and properly pruned they need very little maintenance year after year. A fully mature apple tree that has been well pruned throughout its life, should need a ½ half hour or less of pruning once per year and will yield hundreds of pounds of fruit. If the tree has been properly mulched (hyperlink to Mulch Gardening page), then it should never need water or fertilizer. In addition, weeding can be done with a rake in a few short minutes and will only need to be done a few times per year.
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Because fruit trees live for so long and the tree grows so slowly, it is imperative that they are pruned properly from someone with the right equipment, and the right knowledge. Improperly pruned fruit trees can create a path for diseases and parasites to enter the tree and ultimately kill the tree. Improperly pruning a fruit tree can also cause the tree to go into “shock”, from which it could take many years to recover from. Sometimes aggressive pruning on old trees is simply not recoverable.

Properly pruned fruit trees will also make the fruit lower (more easily accessible), but ideally just beyond the reach of any deer.

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Root Injections

There is a lot of controversy over this practice. The National Arborists Association states that root injections do not do much for the tree, and does not recognize them as a significant way to combat tree diseases, fungi, rot, or pests. I have also found that it does not perform well, for the price of the service. Because of this, I do not offer this service. However, I have found that a high-quality organic fertilizer with beneficial bacteria, micro-organisms, and mycorrhiza and properly installed composted mulch will revive almost every sick tree without the controversial practice of root injections.

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Tree Repair

Throughout the years, fruit trees can become sickly with diseases, pests, or even rot. If caught soon enough, these can often be repaired and the tree can be brought back to health to live a long and fruitful life. Just as a doctor has many tools to heal a sick patient, we have many tools to heal your sick tree.