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Lawn Installation Services

L awns are without a doubt the most popular feature in a yard, and they often set the tone for the rest of the property. If your lawn is lacking, people often subconsciously have negative thoughts about the rest of the property or even the house. In Clallam County, it isn’t hard to let a lawn go to weeds, or even for it to die altogether. But the good news is that it isn’t hard to repair a lawn or even install a new one. All it takes is some time, materials, and a little bit of know-how.

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Kingdom Yard Services Installing Sod

Installation - Seed or Sod

Both sod and seed have the potential for creating a picture perfect, lush and beautiful lawn. They both have their advantages and disadvantages, and the choice comes down to your own personal needs. To understand which would be best for you, let’s go over the pros and cons.

Sod Pros:
  • Less weeds initially.
  • Larger planting window not as seasonally dependent.
  • More reliable for consistency.
  • Nearly instant solution.
  • More tolerant for over/under watering.

Sod Cons:
  • Much more expensive in materials and in labor.
  • Some sections may not take root, and you will need to replace the section.
  • Less options for grass type. For example, Eco-Lawn is not available in Sod.
Seed Pros:
  • Better product for hills or non-level terrain.
  • Far cheaper in materials and labor vs. sod.
  • You can choose your own grass seed variety.
  • Best option for repairs.

Seed Cons:
  • More weeds initially.
  • Takes longer until you have a full, lush lawn.
  • Some areas may come in patchy, and will need to be re-seeded.
  • You cannot use your lawn for up to 3 months, as the seedlings are fragile when young.
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Kingdom Yard Services Eco Lawn Installation

Eco Lawn

Eco-Lawn is a fantastic variety of seeds that was carefully selected to create a lawn that was slow growing and drought resistant. The lawns were so successful, that many of the lawns that were installed in Southern California were green in the middle of the summer with little to no water. Up here in Western Washington, it is a safe bet to say that with this product, you will never need to water your lawn, and it will still be green in the middle of the summer. In addition, Eco-Lawns grows dramatically slower than standard grass. Some people cut their mowing in half, and some only mow twice per year because the grass’ max height is roughly a foot tall. Because the grass grows so slowly, it also uses much less fertilizer.

We offer 2 primary ways of Eco-Lawn Installation. We can either install a new lawn, or we can turn your existing lawn into Eco-Lawn. We have a process that can turn any existing lawn, or even a wild field into Eco-Lawn within 3 years, without having to rip up your existing lawn to do so.

Eco-Lawn Installs Testimonials & Projects: NASA installs Eco-Lawn Wildflower Farm Capital Pilot Project

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Kingdom Yard Services Installing Grass Seed


Lawns over time will get full of weeds and moss, or just become bare altogether. This can be caused by many different factors, but they all can be fixed. When we repair lawns, we typically remove the moss with a de-thatcher and then use our seeding process. You should expect the initial process to take a day to a week, depending on your lawn size. After that, the lawn should be able to be walked on and used within 2-3 months. We will be using a series of sprinklers with automatic timers, so that you will never need to worry if the seeds is getting enough water.

When repairing a lawn, it is important to remember that not all of the seeds will germinate. Occasionally, there are patches that had poor germination. Some lawns will need to be re-seeded multiple times if the conditions are poor.