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Mulching with compost, wood chips, or bark is a powerful tool for any landscaper or gardener. The major benefits are:

Water RetentionTime Release NutrientsNo Muddy Feet
Weed SuppressionMicro OrganismsBeautiful Texture

Properly mulched flowerbeds, gardens, and trees should never need to be watered, no matter how hot or dry the summer is. They should never need to be fertilized, and the weeds should never germinate from the soil beneath. This may be hard to believe, but it true. I have installed several of these mulch style gardens and beds, and they all operate as stated above. If you want to learn more, Below is a great 2 hour documentary on mulch gardening called Back to Eden. There is also a few links to some testimonials from people who have installed these gardens.

Whatever your situation may be, if you have plants that you love, it would likely be in their best interest if they had some mulch properly applied. Or even if you have some bare ground that you want to leave bare without having to deal with weeds, mulching would be a great option. Fruit trees? Flower beds? Vegetable garden? They would all benefit greatly from mulching, especially composted mulch. Whatever your situation, we would love to talk to you about how mulching could benefit you and your property.

Within 6 months of installing a thick layer of mulch, you will be able to walk through a properly mulched area without getting your shoes all muddy.

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Water Retention

All mulch retains water. When applied several inches thick, it can actually protect the soil underneath from getting dry during summer months. Composted mulch over 4” thick has been known to eliminate the need of watering altogether, even in extremely hot summers. A properly installed thick layer will also prevent any run-off or puddles from heavy rain. This will protect your plant’s roots from “drowning”, or not have any air in the soil from it being oversaturated from heavy rain.

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When mulching with composted mulch (we prefer Lazy-J’s compost due to its high micro-organism culture), it is like fertilizing your plants every time it rains. The compost has a wide range of nutrients in it, and it naturally leaches into the soil below, fertilizing your plants. In addition, as time goes on the compost will continue to decompose, releasing more nutrients.

Highly beneficial micro-organisms are typically killed from being exposed to the elements. When you mulch with a thick layer, you adding a protective layer over your soil and helping your micro-organisms not only stay alive but multiply and thrive. In order to have truly healthy plants, you need to have a healthy culture of micro-organisms. The healthier a plant is, the more beautiful it will be.

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Weed Suppression

When mulch is applied properly, it can completely eliminate the possibility of weeds germinating from the soil beneath through the mulch. Occasionally, a few weed seeds can blow onto the mulch and germinate. However, the weeds easily and quickly are pulled out by the root because the mulch is so light and fluffy. In fact, we usually weed properly mulched beds with a rake because the weeds pull out so easily.

About 95% of the weeds are eliminated overall when you mulch because you only get the weeds that blow onto the mulch. Over the years, mulching can save you lots of time and/or money in having your beds and garden weeded.