Yard Maintenance

Yard Maintenance by Kingdom Yard Services

Yard Maintenance Services

K ingdom Yard Services can get your property looking wonderful. We provide all types of yard maintenance. Kingdom Yard Service can establish a routine maintenance schedule either weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly… or you can call us whenever you need something done. Kingdom Yard Service can get it taken care of, with care!

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Kingdom Yard Services Mowing a Healthy Lawn 1


Our mowing equipment is top-of-the-line, and specialized for making a truly great cut. Whether you want a manicured lawn and perfection is your goal, or you just want your field mowed twice per year, our equipment and staff are up for the challenge. We can mow your large acreage or your patch by the sidewalk.

Washington weather will never leave your lawn looking shaggy. We can mow during a heavy rain without leaving grass clumps on your lawn. Our mowing equipment has grass collection systems, so you won’t track grass clippings into your house after a mowing.

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Kingdom Yard Services Using Weed Killer

Weed Control

We have several tools for weed control, weed suppression, and weed abatement. Often the best choice is to spend some time on our knees and pull by hand. For weeds in gravel or concrete, burning them with a large propane torch could be a fast option. If spraying seems to be the best option, we have our own non-toxic weed killing spray that we make. We can apply landscape fabric and gravel for paths/driveways. For overgrown beds, we can put down some landscape fabric or cardboard and mulch to eliminate weeds. No matter what weed problem you have, we can help you.

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Kingdom Yard Services Pruning a Hedge

Pruning & Trimming

When they are pruned, or trimmed, hedges, bushes, flowers, and shrubs all look and function better. They will look best if they are pruned at least once per year, and it will cost less overall. When trimmed often, your plants will look full and lush, even immediately after the cut. If not, if they are pruned too infrequently, your plants will be left looking bare and patchy.

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Kingdom Yard Services Healthy Mulch 1


Mulching with compost, wood chips, or bark is a powerful tool for any landscaper or gardener. The major benefits are:

  • Water Retention – All mulch retains water.
  • Weed Suppression – Mulch can completely eliminate the possibility of weeds.
  • Nutrition – Composted mulch is like fertilizing your plants every time it rains.
  • Micro-Organisms – mulch adds a protective layer over your soil, helping your micro-organisms stay alive, multiply and thrive.
  • No More Muddy Feet –you will be able to walk through a properly mulched area without getting your shoes all muddy.

In a nutshell, properly mulched flowerbeds, gardens, and trees should never need to be watered, no matter how hot or dry the summer is. They should never need to be fertilized, and the weeds should never germinate from the soil beneath.

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Kingdom Yard Services Planting 1


Transplanting incorrectly can easily kill many plants. If it doesn’t kill it, it can also stunt it for many years to come leaving the plant vulnerable to pests, disease, and rot.

Not all plants have the same transplanting season. For example, winter is a great time to transplant trees, provided that the ground is not frozen. Some plants prefer to be transplanted in the fall, some prefer to be transplanted in the spring, and some plants can be transplanted just about any time and be fine. Having someone know proper transplant methods and when to do so is vital for the life and health of your plants.